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Machine-building, furniture from metal, the equipment, agricultural stock, processing of metal

Private enterprise “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” specializes on processing of metal, manufacturing of the equipment, cuts and also curves metal of the customer. It is located in the city of Poltava.The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA”

The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” is founded in 2005 on the basis of capacities of the large JSC working in sphere of the Military-industrial complex in the Poltava city. The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” possesses by the highly productive and unique equipment. Highly skilled experts, staff and workers work here.

      Possessing by a unique production potentialities, the JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” offers the services on manufacturing various products of the non-standard special process equipment: machine tools, cases, racks, skeletons, agricultural stock , lifts for l/a, building machines, etc.

the Basis of the equipment:

  • lathes, lathes with programmed numerical control "SCHAUBLIN", "MICRON", allowing to perform various works with a high degree of accuracy;

  • universal lathes, milling, grinding, coordinate, drilling machine tools;

  • lathes DIP - 300, DIP - 400 which allow to process details in diameter up to 800 mm;

  • the line on manufacturing frame products allows to chop off radiuses, corners, to cut down grooves;

  • stamping press, the equipment for punching, zuging metal;

  • the welding equipment, including the argon-arc welding, electric arc welding that allow to carry out welding of corrosion-proof alloys, aluminium, ferrous metals;

  • the metalwork line, that allows to cut and curve metal, to give to details the various forms.

      Painting facility allows to carry out high-quality painting by “hammer” enamel that gives to products an aesthetic appearance and stability to external influences.

      The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” carries out repair of radio-electronic devices and the equipment, including medical equipment and other metal wares.

The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” develops the technical documentation, drafts and carries out individual orders. The group of highly skilled designers not only develops the original equipment and unique products, but assists to the Customers in an embodiment of their ideas in drawings with its subsequent realization in metal. We JSCrform orders quickly, qualitatively and cheaply.

in the picture: capacities of the JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA”

The enterprise “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” has and supports warehouse stocks of agricultural stock The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” has and supports warehouse stocks of agricultural stock

The JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” constantly supports warehouse stocks of running production in particular agricultural stock with a purpose of economy of time to Customers and the trading organizations and satisfaction of demand on a pique of need. Therefore our customers and buyers, ordering products at us, save not only time, but also money.

  • Furniture from metal: cases, bedside-tables, beds, tables; the equipment, equipment, agricultural stock , safes, containers, metal doors, a lattice for windows and doors, processing of metal - is not full list of products and services of the JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA”.

On the photo: - press from JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” will help to cope easily with "act of nature" – a good harvest of vegetables and fruit

Agricultural stock facilitates work and increase the crop capacity of the fieldsThe qualitative goods in optimum terms

Term of performance of the order is optimum for the Customer as the JSC “ENGSERVICE-POLTAVA” possesses a sufficient reserve of capacities, possesses by highly productive technologies and has good management.

On the photo: - Agricultural stock facilitates work and increase the crop capacity of the fields